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PetSure is a pet health company, and an industry leader as the first general insurer in Australia that’s solely dedicated to pets.

Delivering value
to customers in 2023

We supported pet parents with
2.5 million healthcare moments
– that’s the population of Brisbane.

Helping you care
for your pet
is our north star

We support over 7000 customers per day with answering questions about their policy and claiming for veterinary procedures.

Focusing on
pet health

In 2022, we processed approximately
4,000 claims per day to help
our pets get back on their paws.

We’re here when
you need us.

We’re proud to have answered
over 3,000 calls and emails
from customers every single
day in 2022.

Our services

Pet insurance for pet parents

At PetSure we understand that pets are family, and we’re here to help protect the ones you love.

Support for vets

We’re proud of the work we do, because more insured pets mean more opportunities for Vets to provide the best care.


As a pet parent, when your fur baby gets sick or injured, the last thing you want to be worrying about is whether you can afford treatment.

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Pet Health Monitor 2023 Report

The white paper analyses PetSure claims data from 2022 to reveal key pet health trends including common health conditions for dogs and cats and the associated costs. It also features tips for proactive pet healthcare and early detection, and insights from the veterinary field.

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Frequently asked questions

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance helps to protect your pet should they suffer an unexpected illness or accidental injury. While you may be able to budget for the ongoing day-to-day expenses of keeping your pet healthy, an unforeseen sickness or injury can quickly mount up to thousands of dollars in vet bills, and that’s where pet insurance can help.

Is pet insurance worth it?

Insurance is the one thing we pay for that we hope we never need to use. But when needed, pet owners are relieved to have it, because you can never predict when something might happen to your pet.

Pet insurance can help pet owners when it comes to their pet’s health care costs. A pet owner can potentially claim up to $30,000 per year through their pet insurance, depending on the type of policy they have taken out.

What does pet insurance cover?

While there are small variations between pet insurance policies, there are three main types of cover:

Accidental Injury Only policies cover stated events such as broken bones or motor vehicle incidents.

Combined Accidental Injury and Illness policies, also cover sickness, which can range from short term infections to major surgery.

There are also various Stated Events policies such as illness cover for indoor cats and ‘major events’ policies that cover specified accidental injuries and illnesses.

How much does pet insurance cost?

Your premium is calculated using a few details such as the breed and age of your pet, and the type of cover you have chosen.

For example, a nine-year-old Great Dane and a one-year-old Jack Russell Terrier have very different vet expenses, so you would expect to pay a different premium for these two pets.

You should also be aware that your premium will be recalculated when your policy renews. See “Will my premium increase every year?” for more information.

If you have a current policy and would like further detailed information regarding how your premium is calculated, please refer to your Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).

Information for pet parents

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Meet Charlie #PetTale

Alison & Charlie, proud RSPCA Pet insurance customers, May 2020

Claim on the spot with GapOnly®

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, GapOnly® reviews and calculates your pet insurance claim while you’re still at the vet. You simply pay the gap and go.
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